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Cho Techno Hoyo Gene NFTs


Cho Techno Hoyo Gene NFTs

🧬Cho Techno Hoyo Gene NFT sold out 🧬
Thank you to all who attended!!!!
We hope you’ll check out 👇OpenSea 🙌
#NiconicoChoKaigi event Cho Techno Hoyo was trending 🎉
Thank you @kenichikawamura for giving me the opportunity to be an AI creator🙏

201 items limited free mint festival🎉

2023'4.29(Sat) 21:00(JST)-

When it is time to start minting, connect with the wallet that has the Allowlist and mint from this page.
*It will be free mint (free), but gas fee will be charged when acquiring NFT.
All designs are unique, but cannot be selected during minting.
Due to the limited quantity, even if you have an Allowlist, it will end as soon as the quantity is sold.
If there are any left, the public sale will start on 2023’4.30 (Sun) 21:00 (JST)-.
If you have any questions, please contact Discord 【🔰|Support-support】 channel Please ask more questions.

*The link from our official site will be correct. Please be aware of other similar collections.

Niconico ChoKaigi 2023
【Cho techno hoyo x Kogen】

The techno Buddhist memorial service handled by Mr. Yukinobu Asakura, a former DJ and the chief priest of Shoonji Temple of the Jodo Shinshu sect Hongwanji sect,
It is a new Buddhist art entertainment that combines Buddhism with technology.
Based on the concept of “Gokuraku Jodo is a world of light,” the space will be decorated with modern light (projectors, etc.), and traditional shomyo will be arranged into techno sounds.
We will deliver a new form of Cho techno hoyo x Kogen that has never existed before by arranging productions and images using new technology.

Real event 2days, live distribution

Cho techno hoyo x Kogen @ Niconico ChoKaigi 2023 [4/29]
2023/4/29 (Sat) 11:00 start
*Video production / NicoNico

Cho techno hoyo x Kogen @ Niconico ChoKaigi 2023 [4/30]
2023/4/30 (Sun) 11:00 start
*Video production / NicoNico

ARATAMA 璞 DAO is participating in this event as an AI creator.
The images to be used will be limited NFT and will be free minted.

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