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ARATAMA 璞|Generative AI Ecosystem

New Human Gene


This collection is temporarily out of auction due to the upcoming release of the AI community site.
Please wait for a while until we resume.

Generative AI x NFT Collection

Generative AI

Original AI-prompted generation of futuristic figures that fuse people and technology. The quality is enhanced by the latest generative AI that can be used commercially and by human hands. We challenge new creative and original outputs from Japan.

NFT Collection

Auction-style sales of unique, one-of-a-kind collectible NFTs in a series of auctions.
Proceeds will be used to fund activities and invested in future development.
We will approach overseas in stages, aiming for blue-chip status.
After the first few units, selected AI creators will be rewarded through an AI creator participation contest.

Participatory NFT Collection🏆 AI Art Contest Scheduled

AI Illustration Contest Application Site for Alpha Version

This is currently under development, so please be patient for a while until its release.
The alpha test is scheduled to last several weeks.
During this period, features and generation mechanism may change without notice.
Please check Twitter/Discord/official site.

AI Illustration Contest

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