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ARATAMA 璞|Generative AI Ecosystem

Generative AI Submission Community Site

ARATAMA 璞 DAO has launched the Generative AI Submission Community Site!
This site is an online community for sharing content created using generative AI.
Below are the features of this service

1. Submission in a variety of file formats
The site allows users to post content created using generative AI in a variety of file formats, including text, images, video, links, and music. This allows for the posting and sharing of many different types of content. 2.

2. Group creation
You can create groups to post to. You can deepen the generated AI about categories you like. You can also join groups that match your interests and skills and participate in the community. 3.

3. Constantly holding NFT collection contests
The site is constantly holding NFT collection contests using generative AI, and if your work is selected, it will be put up for NFT auction and you will get a reward for selling it. This contest is a valuable opportunity for creators to participate!

The site is currently in beta and is open to the first 100 applicants.
Please apply through the Join link on the site.
ARATAMA 璞 DAO aims to support AI creators and create an ecosystem.
We hope that many AI creators will use this service to transmit and enjoy their works.