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ARATAMA 璞|Generative AI Ecosystem

Biological Girl Gene


OpenSea Last Auction underway🏆

BGG#14/#15 flamingo/butterfly

Biological Girl Gene 生物少女遺伝子

Biological Girl Gene 生物少女遺伝子

Click on the【Place bid】button to place your bid.
Please put ✅ at the bottom of the page on the next screen to proceed.
Enter an amount higher than the current amount to place your bid.
Please be aware of the deadline when bidding (bidding may be extended).
Bidding requires WETH, which can be exchanged (Swap) from ETH to WETH at OpenSea.
There is no gas fee after the second bid. Only the highest bidder will be sold.

*The link from our official site is the correct one. Please be aware of other similar collections.

Generative AI x NFT Collection

Generative AI

Original AI prompts based on a girl to generate different types of genes for each organism.
The quality is enhanced by the latest generative AI, which is commercially available, and by human hands.
We challenge new creative and original outputs from Japan.

NFT Collection

Auction-style sales of unique, one-of-a-kind collectible NFTs in a series of auctions.
Proceeds will be used to fund activities and invested in future development.
We will approach overseas in stages, aiming for blue-chip status.
After the first few units, selected AI creators will be rewarded through an AI creator participation contest.

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