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ARATAMA 璞|Generative AI Ecosystem

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If you wish to use contents from ARATAMA 璞, you must agree to the following.

As of November 2022


・ Personal use including SNS OK
・ Secondary creation OK
・ Commercial use/merchandising requires permission (Contact Us)


・ Commercial use, commercialization, or redistribution without the permission of ARATAMA 璞
・ Disclosure of content that damages the image of ARATAMA 璞
・ Disclosure of content that infringes or may infringe the rights of others
・ Disclosure of expressions or content that may lead to misunderstandings as ARATAMA 璞 content itself, or official content or accounts
・ The act of reusing derivative works without permission from the creator.
・Other acts that are judged to be extremely unsuitable to social conventions, such as excessive sexual expressions, bizarre expressions, content that slanders specific individuals, groups, races, etc.

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