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ARATAMA 璞|Generative AI Ecosystem


ARATAMA aims to become a DAO that distributes rewards through smart contracts for future AI creators.
In consideration of management and maintenance, continuity, and transparency, we have decided to newly establish all three types of NFTs (BGG/CWG/NHG) with our own contracts and consolidate the wallets into aratamadao.eth.
As NHG has already been migrated, the CWG/BGG collections will be migrated this week (CWG: 2/25) and next week (BGG: 3/3-3/4) as follows.
*The NFT auctions will be held without stopping.

✅ Change the name of existing collections
Existing: Cyber World Gene → Cyber World Gene Rare
New name: Cyber World Gene

Existing: Biological Girl Gene → Biological Girl Gene Rare
Newly established: Biological Girl Gene

✅ Change of all collection numbering
To match TOKEN ID, the first NFT will be renamed as #0.
ex): BGG #1 → BGG #0

✅ Airdrop the NFT of the new collection to the NFT holder of the existing collection.
*Two NFTs of the same collection will be retained.
*In case of OpenSea, the NFT may be “hidden”, so please check when you Airdrop.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your understanding.
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on the Discord.
Thank you for your continued support of ARATAMA.